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Wed Nov 13 18:05:12 UTC 2002

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> I just turned on the radio to the local NPR affiliate.  Two of the news
>  commentators during their fund drive are discussing "New Jersey hoagie"
>  as opposed to those in South Philly.

According to a display on the "Shipbuilding" exhibit in the Franklin
Institute (museum) in Philadelphia, the "hoagie" is named after
Philadelphia's "Hog Island" shipyards, for whose workforce the hoagie was a
favorite item of sustenance.

I've never been able to check out this claim, but if it is true then
Philadelphians can argue that a hoagie is a sandwich constructed on the
Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River and therefore "New Jersey hoagie" is
an oxymoron.  South Jersey will presumably have to be satisfied with salt
water taffy, monkey bread, and other local foods not claimed by Pennsylvania.

      - Jim Landau (resident of South Jersey for 16 years)

"Nothing good comes out of Atlantic City except an empty bus"

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