Mexican Shower; Geoduck (1909); Telegraph Stew (1870); Fado (1890)

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Sun Nov 17 20:41:30 UTC 2002

The oldest I can find is the 9th ed. (Portland, Ore. : J.K. Gill, 1882)
60 p. (15th ed has 84 p.) New York Public claims to have the ninth ed. in
hard copy and the 10th (1884) in hard copy and on microfilm.

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On Sun, 17 Nov 2002 Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
> ---------------------------------------------
> GEODUCK (continued)
> compiled by John Gill
> Fifteenth edition
> Portland, Oregon: J. K. Gill Company
> 1909
> Pg. 14:
> Clams.  Razor clams, O'na.  little neck, Luck-ut-chee; quahang or large round
> clams of Puget Sound is called "Smetock" on the northen coasts, and the
> largest of all "go-duck."
> (What date is the first edition, and who has it?...I spent all day looking at
> Chinook language books, and this was the only one that had "geoduck"--ed.)

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