What's Cooking (1934?)

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Mon Nov 18 17:47:08 UTC 2002

   I've got about 15 more slang folders to copy, then I have to go upstairs to Temple University archives to find a "hoagie."

WHAT'S COOKING?--I've got to do this for that little Oxford book.  From a clipping, 12 July 1942, NEW YORK TIMES:
   As for the use of the phrase, "What's cooking?"--Mr. (Gene--ed.) Krupa traced it back to 1934 and 1935, when the "first swing bands were touring the country on one-nighters and ballroom engagements."

SHALOM ALEICHEM--Yes, the citation I found was the Arabic form of "Peace Be With You!"  OED can look up EARLY ENGLISH BOOKS ONLINE, analyze the context, but it in brackets, put it in the etymology, put it in a separate entry, or ignore it entirely.  I don't get paid either way.

GREAT SCOTT--A Civil War diary was recently issued, and it had it.  Check the ADS-L archives for "deadline" or "dead line," which should be in the same post.


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