"Talk Trash" & "What's Shakin'" (1951)

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   Jesse Sheidlower had asked me to talk trash.
   From the PHILADELPHIA EVENING BULLETIN, 11 November 1951:

_In Our Town_
By Earl Selby
   _INSULTS:_  "Today's kids can really make a crack to smack a jack.
   "You don't tell somebody to drop dead twice anymore--you kill 'em with
'Take a train'.  When the chit-chat's a bit on the dry wry tell them to 'jug
it'--or leave holding your ears & muttering 'my nerves.'
   "The sarcastic kind you label a 'deep freeze': if he knows it all he's
'toastees in the ice cubes' (huh?_; tp shut up the pop-off cut him down by
saying he's a 'jack=wise,' or maybe an 'odd job.'
   "'Didn't your mother have any children that lived?' is one squelch;
another is remarking 'She (he) is a real doll, d-u-l-l. a crocodile.'  For a
really obnoxious pair you say 'they deserve each other'; the gal without sex
appeal (nobody's ever come up with a substitute for that expression) is
condescended to as 'a nice kid--but who wants to take out children?'"
   _THE TIDINGS OF THE DAY:_  "Remember way back then you used to say
'whatcha know, Joe?'  'Tain't like that no more, kid.  Now you say 'Let's
talk trash' or else ask 'What's shakin'?'  The answer is:  'Nothin' but the
   _THE BIG DATE:_  "We used to ask what's cooking--today's slanger tells
mama: 'Get off the stove, mother; I'm riding the range tonight' to show a big
date's on."

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