Wellesley Fudge (1896)

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Thu Nov 21 20:24:46 UTC 2002

   Quickly, before I miss the train into Boston.

14 March 1896, THE WELLESLEY MAGAZINE, pg. 306:
   Betty's blue eyes danced.  Her one culinary accomplishment was the manufacture of "fudge," and she feared that would scarcely be of practical value of second street.

18 April 1896, THE WELLESLEY MAGAZINE, pg. 396:
   This year we have been decidedly gay, with our receptions, open meetings, the Colonial Dance, and the Fudge Sale, besides the usual class socials.

1898, LEGENDA (Yearbook), pg. 14:
   Prehistoric forms of Fudge were unknown to us as Freshman (sic) in '94...

   The Wellseley Fudge Cake is in Baker's ads, "Circa 1898."  Maybe I'll post that recipe in the wee morning hours after my return home.
   I also have here Baboon (An Excellent Supper Dish), Urney Pudding, Stickies, Weary Willie Cake, Mahfuh (From a Friend in Iraq), "Spider" Cake (A Very Old New England Recipe) (Next DARE has--?--ed.), Flake Cake (An Old New Hampshire Recipe), and Chocolate Crunchies (Brownie's Cousin), if anyone wants those recipes from the Wellesley cookbooks.

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