Wellesley & Public Transportation (was Black Hand)

Thu Nov 21 22:26:05 UTC 2002

From: Bapopik at AOL.COM:
> WELLESLEY--I walked all day, passing Babson and Olin colleges, before
> found this place.  The college is nowhere near public transportation.

Hey! Wellesley College *is* near public transportation! It’s just a
10-15 minute walk from the Wellesley Square stop on the commuter rail
(the Framingham/Worcester line leaving from South Station in Boston). A
one-way ride costs $3. It’s true that Wellesley is nowhere near the
Green Line portion of the T, but commuter rail is part of mass transit
too. I never could understand why the admissions office told visitors to
take the Green Line out to Riverside and take a cab from there, when
taking the commuter rail is faster, closer, and easier, but whatever.
Now, *Babson* is nowhere near public transportation. I don’t know
Needham well enough to comment about Olin.

Judy Yeh (Wellesley class of 2000)

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