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   "Dirty white collar" is the Wordspy "word of the day."  Mention is made of
"blue collar (1950)," but I posted a 1945 "blue collar" right here.
   This is before everyone's time I know, but no mention is made of the 1979
Foreigner hit, "Dirty White Boy."  Foreigner was an influential band at the
time, and the song brought "dirty white" to everyone's lips.



   Not in OED.  Did Barnhart record this?  Did anyone record it?
   I'm seeing "cheat-and-retreat" a lot lately.  The first hit on Google
Groups is 11 March 1992.  The following hit also talks about Iraq:

Groups search result 205 for "cheat and retreat"
From: <A HREF="">CMSgt Mike Bergman</A> (<A HREF="">bergman at</A>)
Subject: Making Mideast Safe from Iraq
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Newsgroups: <A HREF="">sci.military</A>
Date: 1992-08-20 08:43:58 PST

>From CMSgt Mike Bergman <bergman at>Press Pack #37 for the Week
of September 14, 1992Making Middle East Safe From IraqBy Jim GaramoneAmerican
Forces Information ServiceIn the aftermath of the Persian Gulf war, the
United Nationsdetermined Iraq should never again be able to threaten the
MiddleEast with weapons of mass destruction.U.S. Army Maj. Karen M. Jansen
has been on the front line inverifying that Iraq complies.  Until recently,
she was a chemicaland biological weapons inspection operations officer for
the U.N.Special Commission on Iraq.Jansen, a chemical officer assigned to the
Army's ChemicalResearch, Development and Engineering Center at Aberdeen
ProvingGround, Md., made six trips to Iraq during the 13 months she was
onloan to the commission.  She describes Iraq as a place where theleaders
develop a "fantasy" perspective of reality to manipulatetheir citizens into
supporting the Baath party goals."Iraq is the most closed society any
American is likely tosee," Jansen said.  "The leaders use their carefully
controlledmedia to turn the people on and off.  For example, they hold
largecelebrations in honor of their `victory' during the Iran-Iraq
war."Jansen said the Iraqi people also believe they won the PersianGulf war.
The leadership feels that surviving an encounter withthe most powerful force
in the world is proof of victory, she said."From the beginning, the
state-controlled propaganda has beenso calculated and repetitive that the man
in the street refers tothat war as `the war with the United States,' which is
part of thereason Iraq is trying to assert that weapons inspectors from
theUnited States are not impartial," she said.Predictably, they have claimed
a victory over the July 1992incident at the Ministry of Agriculture, as the
U.N. team thateventually went into the complex had no American inspector,
saidJansen.  The truth is, they bowed to U.N. pressure just days afterthey
vowed no U.N. weapons inspector would ever set foot inside theministry, not
even if every Iraqi citizen perished because of theaction."Cheat-and-retreat"
is the phrase many have used to describeIraqi behavior in the course of
weapons inspections, she said.  (...)

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