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Frank Abate abatefr at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Nov 27 12:00:24 UTC 2002

What follows is off-topic -- delete now if you choose.

I contend that the following statement, from a recent ADS-L posting, is a
rash generalization at best, and is arguably untrue.  It is pure political
rhetoric or demagoguery, however one prefers to call it:

a large Republican agenda that encompasses, in the
>long run, trashing Medicare and Social Security as well as environmental,
>health and safety regulation, as well as letting Enron-like corporate
>abuses go unchecked.

The above is no more true than one saying that the Democratic Party agenda
calls for the revolutionary overthrow of the federal government, or for the
abolition of all US corporations.

Such generalizations as those above are misguided, and should not go
unchallenged -- hence this posting.

Personally, I favor some form of tort reform (and a flat tax, and other
"Republican" issues), but at the same time I also believe that Medicare and
SS are necessary and important, and am sure that they will never be
trashed -- not by the US Congress, at least.  The Clean Air and Water acts
are critically important, and have been largely effective, though we must be
ever vigilant for cheaters, and prosecute them severely.  I feel that Enron
and similar abuses should be severely punished.

btw, I am registered as an Independent.

Frank Abate
abatefr at

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