Nage (Buttocks?); INS acronym; Press-Avail/Dugout

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Wed Nov 27 09:49:30 UTC 2002

NAGE--Yes, I was just kidding around with "buttock."  But that's the only
thing OED has!...Sorry for that "strictly" typo.

INS ACRONYM--From the VILLAGE VOICE, November 27-December 3, 2002, pg. 52,
col. 2:
   They kidded about alternative ways  of reading the INS's
acronym--"Incompetent and Negligent Service," "Ignoring National

(F.Y.I. ON "ACRONYM"--I plugged it into the WASHINGTON POST database, but
couldn't find a single hit before the 1950s!  This, in a city of VIPs, and
POTUS, and the FBI and CIA and INS and many other agencies--ed.)

PRESS-AVAIL/DUGOUT--From NEW YORK PRESS, November 27-December 3, 2002, pg.
16, col. 1:
   SENATE MAJORITY LEADER Tom Daschle's valedictory press conference last
week got most attention for his bizarre allegation that Rush Limbaugh's
discussion of his legislative record had led to death threats.  Lee remarked
on was the more run-of-the-mill piffle that he spouted throughout this
"press-avail," as we used to call them (or "dugout," as they're called in the
Washington slang of the moment).

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