Google blips

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Oct 1 02:37:03 UTC 2002

I don't any such results for

go to hell

either with or without quotes. I wonder if Google has changed something
or something else is going on...

Benjamin Barrett
Live from Tukwila

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> From CNN--or Google for "Google blips":
> PALO ALTO, Calif. (Reuters) -- It has been said that hell has
> many levels, and apparently some people see software giant
> Microsoft Corp. at its core.
> At least that's according to the search engine Google, which
> when given a query for the term "go to hell," kicks back the
> home page of the world's largest software maker -- a rather
> humorous result, considering Google's reputation for
> producing the most accurate search results.

> The official home pages for AOL Time Warner Inc.'s America
> Online division and for Walt Disney Co. also come in among
> the top five results under the "go to hell" query. (AOL Time
> Warner is the parent company of CNN.)

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