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Alice Faber faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Tue Oct 1 03:59:29 UTC 2002

I went through this one a few years ago with friends on another mailing
list. It's dependent not only on the quotes but the kind of quotes, single
or double. With the quotes, you're googling for the phrase; without them,
you're googling for go AND to AND hell, so the order and proximity of the
words are irrelevant.

Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>I don't any such results for
>go to hell
>either with or without quotes. I wonder if Google has changed something
>or something else is going on...
>Benjamin Barrett
>Live from Tukwila
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> > From CNN--or Google for "Google blips":
> >
> > PALO ALTO, Calif. (Reuters) -- It has been said that hell has
> > many levels, and apparently some people see software giant
> > Microsoft Corp. at its core.
> >
> > At least that's according to the search engine Google, which
> > when given a query for the term "go to hell," kicks back the
> > home page of the world's largest software maker -- a rather
> > humorous result, considering Google's reputation for
> > producing the most accurate search results.
> > The official home pages for AOL Time Warner Inc.'s America
> > Online division and for Walt Disney Co. also come in among
> > the top five results under the "go to hell" query. (AOL Time
> > Warner is the parent company of CNN.)

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