parmeZHAN and de/not voicing final vowel

Beth Simon simon at IPFW.EDU
Tue Oct 1 17:51:04 UTC 2002

Not that I admit to actually renting _The Sopranos_, but pretty clearly they've been voicecoached to, among other things, not voice the final vowel on words such as parmegiano and prosciutto.

>>> Ittaob at AOL.COM 10/01/02 12:31 PM >>>
In a message dated 10/1/02 11:59:06 AM, pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU writes:

<< Now the invented "Parmesian" seems to have been
supplanted by the equally invented "parmeZHAN" (as also noted by Peter
Richardson), apparently via the line of reasoning: "To make a word sound
more foreign, and hence more authentic, stress the last syllable, pronounce
spelled <g> as 'zh' and ignore all other spelling cues." >>

I suspect "Par-me-ZHAN" comes from Italian-Americans pronouncing it that way
based on the Italian pronunciation of "Parmigiano." In other words, a
conflation of "Par-me-ZAN" with "Par-mi-JAN-o."

Steve Boatti

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