Slow as Molasses (1854); Dolly Varden Pie (1872)

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   Sorry for all the typing mistakes lately, but as usual, I'm feeling pretty down.  Also, I'm pressed for time on these library computers.

JIGGY--I don't often do rap terms because they're covered in the online Rap Dictionary, or something like that.


   Not in DARE, not in the RHHDAS, not in OED, not in Christine Ammer's FRUITCAKES & COUCH POTATOES (1995).  Face it--I'm making this one up.

   July 1854, NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW (MOA--Cornell database), pg. 150:
   "Yes," was the drawling reply, "but he is--as--slow--as--cold molasses."

   9 December 1854, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 8:
   "Yes; but he is as slow as _cold molasses_."

   9 April 1870, HARPER'S WEEKLY, pg. 238:
   You're slow as molasses in the winter time.

   27 April 1889, HARPER'S WEEKLY, pg. 330:
   Everybody knew he was slower than molasses in January, like those Pennsylvania Dutch.


   21 September 1872, HARPER'S WEEKLY, pg. 735:
   Apropos to the season, an exchange gives a recipe for a "Dolly Varden" pie:
   "Take about four yards of light dough, gather it up in tucks and flounces, crimp the edges, and fill up with fruit; then lay on the over-skirt, fasten it with buttons of dough connected with frills...

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