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It's not surprising that terms such as "jiggy" show up in mainstream
newspapers.  I found 69 such items in over 120 articles in the Daily
Press, the newspaper of the Virginia Peninsula.  My findings are
published in American Speech, Winter 1999, Vol. _74,4,_ 369-388.

--- Towse <self at TOWSE.COM> wrote:
> I was reading a restaurant review
> in the San Francisco Chronicle (a "special" to the newspaper and
> not staff written) when I came across "With entrees, there is
> something the rookie should know: Peruvians are unafraid of
> starch. They double up, even triple up if they're feeling jiggy."
> "Feeling jiggy" in a newspaper? I had the same reaction as I'd
> had the first time I saw "dis" in a mainstream publication.
> I checked with the ADS-L archives to see how much action "jiggy"
> has had and the answer is, not much. Here's the one and only:
> I then trundled off to the new Google News feed and popped in
> "jiggy". From the assorted news sources Google is covering, there
> are fourteen uses in the last thirty days (the time window for
> Google News' archives).
> Uses range from the San Francisco Chronicle (in the sports
> section) to the Guardian, the Miami Herald, Entertainment Weekly
> (not unexpected), Rolling Stone (ditto), E Online (double ditto)
> and the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
> BizReport.com had an entire article devoted to CNN Headline News'
> decision to be more hip, titled "CNN News Gettin' Jiggy With da
> Jive Talkin'"
> Anyone know the origin of "jiggy"?
> Sal
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