Farm gate

Anne Rogers AnneR at HKUSA.COM
Fri Oct 11 22:20:24 UTC 2002

When we moved to Taos, NM, we built an enclosure made of field fencing
topped with wire. Pre-made gates were expensive, so a neighbor told us how
to build an "Arkansas gate" exactly as described -- two wire loops attached
to the permanent post, one low and one high. The gate post's bottom was
inserted into the bottom loop and the top loop was dropped over the top of
the gate post, while pressure was applied to the gate to get it close enough
to the loop. The gate post could be easily taken out of both loops and the
entire gate swung open; for a quick entrance, just the top loop was removed,
we stepped through the "V" and re-looped it behind us.


>There is a type of cheap farm gate which consists of around 3
>horizontal strands of wire, and a vertical "dropper" which is
>attached to the far gate-post with two wire loops, one low and one
>high. What names are used for this kind of gate in the US? (I have
>around 20 in Australian English, and am curious to know whether these
>are mirrored in America.)
>Roly Sussex

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