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Wed Oct 16 02:09:36 UTC 2002

Peter and Joanne:

> I didn't actually hear that part of the broadcast, but I do remember
> having the long-i pronunciation drummed into me by an English
> teacher in high school.  Apparently "long-lived" isn't entered in the
> M-W usage book, though, which leads me to wonder how
> widespread the taboo over the short-i pronunciation is.  I see your
> point that the "-lived" component does not represent a past
> participal form historically -- not that it necessarily matters to most
> English speakers, who probably see "lived" and pronounce it the
> way it would would be pronounced in the vast majority of other
> contexts.  I'm not sure whether that would be classified as folk
> etymology or some other phenomenon (leveling?).
> Anyway, both prons are in the Collegiate, for what it's worth.

Maybe my age is showing, or something, but I've always said "long-lived"
with a long I.  The other pronunciation, I'm sure I've heard, but I'm not
sure if it's "the" one or not.  Or maybe it varies regionally?
Anne G

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