Oatmeal for Brains; Chorrillana

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Wed Oct 16 21:53:36 UTC 2002


   OATMEAL for brains?  From this week's NEW YORK PRESS (www.nypress.com):

Russ Smith

Oatmeal for Brains
Slipping on a Banana

Reacting to Harry Belafonte’s crude remarks about Colin Powell last week–the singer essentially said the Secretary of State, a man who could’ve won the presidency had he chosen to run, was an Uncle Tom–The Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz said it best. Appearing on CNBC’s WSJ Editorial Board with Stuart Varney last Friday night, Rabinowitz, one of the nation’s finest journalists, said she was sick of aging left-wingers possessing "oatmeal for brains."

(Google has about 70 "oatmeal" hits and 17,500 "shit" hits--ed.)


   Maybe not an AMerican food, but in GOURMET, OCtober 2002, pg. 49, col. 2:

Twenty-five years ago, in the Chilean port of Valparaiso, in the kitchen of _J. Cruz M._, _chorrillana_ was born.  The idea was to please a college crowd that was short on funds but long on appetities.  The result was a hearty scramble of eggs, onions, and chopped beef, piled on a nest of french fries--and definitely meant to be shared.  Over the years _chorrillana_ imitations sprang up throughout the city, but the original, served in platters for two ($5) or three ($7), is still the best.  _Condell_ 1466 (032-21-12-25).

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