Oatmeal for Brains; Chorrillana

Thu Oct 17 00:02:53 UTC 2002

Barry, here's how your quoted Russ Smith paragraph appeared on my screen:

  >> Reacting to Harry Belafonteâ€_s crude remarks about Colin Powell last
  >> weekâ€"the singer essentially said the Secretary of State, a man who
  >> couldâ€_ve won the presidency had he chosen to run, was an Uncle
  >> Tomâ€"The Wall Street Journalâ€_s Dorothy Rabinowitz said it best.
  >> Appearing on CNBCâ€_s WSJ Editorial Board with Stuart Varney last
  >> Friday night, Rabinowitz, one of the nationâ€_s finest journalists,
  >> said she was sick of aging left-wingers possessing "oatmeal for

I don't know what anyone else sees, but I'm seeing a very odd combination
of characters where there ought to be apostrophes or em dashes.

Your brief quote from Gourmet, same message, looked fine.

--Dodi Schultz

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