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Turducken is a Cajun recipe in which one is stuffed inside another, etc.

The citation for Churkendoose is

Berenberg, Ben Ross. This is the Story of the Churkendoose, Part Chicken,
Turkey, Duck and Goose .Illus. Dellwyn Cunningham, Wonder Books.New York,

This tells the story of an egg. The fowl can't remember who laid it, and
take turns sitting on it until it hatches. The resulting creature is quite
strange looking, and is teased by the other farm creatures. He replies in

Does the green grass ask the sky so blue,
I'm green why aren't you green too.
A rose smells sweet cause it's a flower,
An onion smells strong, a pickle is sour.
They're different yet they get along,
And no one seems to think it wrong.
Chicken, turkey, duck or goose,
Can't there be a churkendoose?

It depends on how you look at things,
It depends on how you look at things,
Is the baby chimpanzee any prettier than me
It all depends upon, begins and ends upon,
It all depends on how you look at things.

Eventually, he saves the day when a fox heads to the coop and is so
startled by the Churkendoose's appearance that the fox runs away.

Personally, I do not believe foxes are quite so analytical.

Ray Bolger made a recording of the story.

The book is out of print, but used copies are available at Amazon at
prices ranging from $20-$60. May be less at other outlets.

-- Mark A. Mandel

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