soccer usages

Fritz Juengling Friolly at AOL.COM
Thu Oct 24 00:41:50 UTC 2002

I have been curious about various soccer terms on both sides of the pond for
some time.  I have had kids playing soccer and I have been a coach for years.
 I do not know whether the terms we use are common in the US or just Oregon
(or just Salem); I hope others will chime in.  The positions we have are
forward, midfielder (usually shortened to 'mid') and defender.  We also have
a 'goalie', altho I do quite often hear 'keeper.'  We often preface each
position with 'left, center or right'. We also have soccer teams and games.
A club to me would suggest the organization or league in which a team plays.
BTW, our goalie defends the OTHER team's goal, not ours.

> Noteworthy also is that in the US we often say "soccer team" and "soccer
> game", but that in UK "football club/side" (sometimes "team") and "football
> match" are more usual.  In fact, I don't think "football game" is allowable
> in Brit. Eng. (at least, not for a "soccer game"), but I may be wrong.
> Maybe Michael Q can chime in on this.
> This may be one of the only areas in which British English has demonstrably
> influenced American English, with real evidence to show it.

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