freshman English

Thu Oct 24 13:56:45 UTC 2002

Thanks, James Smith. Freshman English is worth repeating, even if for fun!

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> >"During the Middle Ages everybody was middle
> >aged.... After a revival of infantile commerce slowly
> creeped into
> >Europe, merchants appeared. They roamed from town to
> town expo-
> >sing themselves and organized big fairies in the
> countryside....
> Finally
> >Europe caught the Black Death. It was spread from
> port to port by
> >inflected rats.... Theologically, Luther was into
> reorientation muta-
> >tion.... Great Brittian, the USA and other European
> countrys had
> >demicratic leanings. Among the goals of the chartists
> were universal
> >suferage and an anal parliament.... In 1937 Lenin
> revolted Russia.
> >Germany was displaced after WWL... War screeched to
> an end when a
> >nukuleer explosion was dropped on Heroshima. The last
> stage is us."
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