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Language Variety in the South: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Michael D. Picone and Catherine Evans Davies, University of Alabama


LAVIS III, Language Variety in the South: Historical and Contemporary
Perspectives, a symposium, will be held at the University of Alabama, in
Tuscaloosa, April 15-17, 2004.

Plenary Speakers for LAVIS III

- Michael Montgomery (U South Carolina Columbia)
- John Lipski (Penn State)
- Guy Bailey (U Texas at San Antonio)
- Pamela Munro (UCLA)

Sessions for LAVIS III. As currently envisioned LAVIS III will have fourteen
planned sessions, with additional sessions to be added as appropriate from
submitted abstracts.

- Indigenous Languages
- Endangered Languages & Dialects
- Links to the Caribbean
- Earlier Englishes of the South (Southern American English or African
American English or any other variety)
- English in the Contemporary South
- Perception (in relation to any dialect of the South)
- African American English Issues
- Quantitative Methodologies
- Discourse and Southern American English
- Language and the Schools (oriented towards K-12 teachers)
- Latino Language Issues
- Southern English and the Public Interest (dialect awareness programs for the
general public, language and the media, linguistic profiling, forensic
linguistics, etc.)
- Language and the Arts in the South (literature, film, song, etc.)
- New Approaches and Broader Horizons

Pre-Conference Workshops for LAVIS III

- The semiotics of Moundville (to be held on-site at the Moundville
Archeological Park), Vernon James Knight (U Alabama)
- Using the LAGS (Linguistic Atlas of the Gulf States) database

For background on LAVIS I and II and the general vision behind LAVIS III,
please visit the preliminary website at

The advisory board for LAVIS III is made up of the following scholars: Guy
Bailey (U Texas at San Antonio), Cynthia Goldin Bernstein (U Memphis), Barbara
Johnstone (Carnegie Mellon), Thomas Klingler (Tulane), William Kretzschmar (U
Georgia), Sonja Lanehart (U Georgia), Michael Montgomery (U South Carolina
Columbia), Salikoko Mufwene (Chicago), Pamela Munro (UCLA), and Walt Wolfram
(North Carolina State).

Grant funding for LAVIS III is being sought from various sources including NEH
and NSF. Depending upon the success of grant proposals, a limited amount of
travel funding may become available.

Papers from established and emerging scholars are welcome. Abstracts will be
judged anonymously.

Abstracts of up to 500 words (plus references), for 20-minute papers, must be
submitted electronically to <picone at ua.edu> by March 15, 2003. Use MS Word to
compose your abstract. In addition to sending your abstract (with title) as an
attachment, please paste a copy of the abstract into the body of your e-mail
message. If you use phonetic symbols in your abstract, select either Lucinda
Sans Unicode (which is included with most applications of MS Word) or
SILDoulosIPA (freeware available from SIL) as your IPA font. Your name,
affiliation, and current contact information must be included in your e-mail
message but should not appear in the attached abstract. In your e-mail
message, please also include an indication of your equipment requirements for
your proposed presentation.

The University of Alabama Press will be publishing a refereed volume of papers
from the conference. The conference organizers, Michael D. Picone and
Catherine Evans Davies, will serve as co-editors and will provide timely
information on style and deadlines in order to expedite the publishing

LAVIS III will take place concurrently with the seventieth meeting of the
Southeastern Conference on Linguistics (SECOL LXX). At a later date, there
will be a separate call for papers for SECOL LXX.

Michael D. Picone
Dept. of Modern Languages & Classics
University of Alabama
picone at ua.edu

Catherine Evans Davies
University of Alabama
Dept. of English
cdavies at bama.ua.edu

Michael D. Picone
 The University of Alabama
 Box 870246
 Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0246  USA
 phone:   (205) 348-8473
 fax:     (205) 348-2042
 e-mail:  mpicone at bama.ua.edu
 URL:     http://bama.ua.edu/~mpicone

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