'circulation-goosing' - new term?

Patty Davies patty at CRUZIO.COM
Thu Oct 31 17:58:13 UTC 2002

Great replies!  Mark, the construction explanation was something I was
curious about, thanks!  Another angle on the canoodling is that I don't
recall reading or hearing this word very often in the past.   But reading
it  in sev diff tabloid newspapers, used in the same context and applied to
different couples was striking.   They all came out around the same time
(say 6 weeks ago).  There must be some kind of (recent?) history to it
being a popular word all of a sudden amongst the columnists or writers.

At 12:37 PM 10/31/02 -0500, you wrote:
>On Thu, 31 Oct 2002, Dodi Schultz wrote:
>#Patty Davies asks about the meanings of "goosing" and "canoodling"; she
>#thought perhaps the latter referred to goings-on in restaurants.
>         [...]
>And the construction "NOUN1-VERBing NOUN2", meaning NOUN2 that VERBs
>NOUN1, or NOUN2 that's related to the action of VERBing NOUN1, is well
>established and productive, so that given the existing meaning of
>"goose", "circulation-goosing caffeine" already means "caffeine that
>stimulates circulation". There's no need to posit a new usage or
>-- Mark A. Mandel

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