Can't Steal First Base (1941)

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Thu Sep 5 16:40:34 UTC 2002

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> At 8:29 PM -0700 9/4/02, Dave Wilton wrote:
> >Stolen bases aren't
> >awarded in cases of fielder error, wild pitch, or passed
> ball, so the batter
> >doesn't get one. In the unlikely event the batter manages to
> make it to
> >second base without being tagged, he is awarded a stolen
> base for second,
> Are you sure of this?  I'm willing to bet a batter can never get a
> stolen base for anything that happens during his time at bat.  He
> would thus have to first reach first base and stay there, and then on
> another pitch steal second.

You're right. I was misreading the rule about an error made in an attempt to
throw out a stealing runner. In that case, the initial base advanced is
charged to the error and subsequent bases as stolen. But it doesn't apply to
the batter-runner.

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