Can't Steal First Base (1941)

Brad Vest SDCharger15 at AOL.COM
Thu Sep 5 19:58:23 UTC 2002

There is, I believe, another time in which a stolen base cannot be awarded
and that is catcher's indifference.  For instance, if there is a runner on
first and he goes to steal second and the catcher gets the ball and would
have a chance of throwing him out but chooses not to make the throw, the
runner I believe is not credited with a stolen base but instead is considered
to have "advanced on catcher's indifference".
One other thing that I noticed in the original thread, even in little league,
the dropped third strike rule applies.  A player may still attempt to run to
first if a catcher drops the pitch even if the bases are only 60'.  He may
only do so if first base is unoccupied or there are two outs, which
identically mirrors the Major League rule.

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