411 = information cite from 1982.

Steve Kl. stevekl at PANIX.COM
Mon Sep 9 02:18:45 UTC 2002

I'm reliving my early 80s youth, and I've TiVo'd Square Pegs on TVLand,
and I came across an interesting 411 quote from 1982.
>From Square Pegs, episode 10, airdate December 13, 1982
writers: Andy Borowitz & Janis Hirsch

Jennifer Dinuccio (Tracy Nelson): Going to the Grease [a diner] is about
as cool as somone with a tin mouth [said  as she glares at Lauren
Hutchinson (Amy Linker), who has braces and is eavesdropping with Patty
Greene (Sarah Jessica Parker)], ok?

LaDonna Fredericks (Claudette Wells): Girl, if you know someplace cooler,
I want to know. I am dialing 411.

It's not as direct as saying "What's the 411?", but still an interesting
cite. I'm at home right now away from the files, so I have no idea what
the early attestions of this is, but '82 seems early to me. (It's worth
pointing out that none of the characters is near a phone.)

-- Steve Kleinedler

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