The First Smiley?

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Fri Sep 13 12:57:57 UTC 2002

Actually, I'd like Barry to confirm his transcript of the advertisement
in his original post (copied below). The punctuation-based emoticons
were there, right Barry? Or were they more like the yellow-faced Harvey
Ball smiley faces?

[original post]

This continues discussion of the pictograph known as the "smiley." It's
authorship was credited to the late Harvey Ball (who drew it in the
1960s). "Smiley" is in an ad in the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 10 March
1953, pg. 20, cols. 4-6. See for yourself. The ad is for the film LILI,
with the "delightful" Leslie Caron. The "World Premiere Today" is at
the Trans-Lux 52nd on Lexington. The film opened nationwide, and this
ad possibly ran in many newspapers.


You'll laugh :)
You'll cry :(
You'll love (Heart-shaped face--ed.)

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