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R. Walker chumptastic at YAHOO.COM
Fri Sep 13 21:40:14 UTC 2002

 I'm new to this list. I also feel compelled to
confess that I'm a journalist.

I'm looking into the history of the word lite -- or
actually I'm looking into a particular moment in its

I gather that lite has existed for many, many years as
a signifier of "low calorie" or similar. I guess the
most famous (not the first) example of this would be
Lite Beer from Miller, which actually uses Lite as its
the most prominent part of its brand name. (I also
understand that the word has a history in
spelling-simplification circles.)

What I'm curious about is when and how "lite" made the
transion to the slangy suggestion of something
insubstantial -- diplomacy lite, philosophy lite,
journalism lite, etc.

I feel that someone, somewhere, must know all the lite
stuff. But who, where? Well, that's why I'm bothering
you all.

Thanks. rw

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