Chinglish/Tinglish Lunch Box

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Tue Sep 24 08:49:34 UTC 2002

   Greetings again from Lhasa...I fly to Hong Kong tomorrow, but have not heard back from Hong Kong University special collections if they have any food-related items.

CAESAR SALAD--I was told that this was featured in PARADE MAGAZINE last Sunday.  Anything new, or same old stuff?

CHINESE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA--I have more time to Google.  The researcher's name is Gavin Menzies.  He claims that Zheng He made his voyage around the globe in 1423.  March 2002 notes claim that his book will be out in September 2002.  Assuming that the voyage was made, and that maps were made, and that European cartographers relied on such maps, the maps probably would have gone the Silk Road through Lhasa.  I'm curious to see if Menzies did any research in Tibet at all.

CHINGLISH/TINGLISH LUNCH BOX--For our long drive today, the Shigatse Shandong Mansion gave us a box lunch.  From the lunch box cover:

Tender Feelings & Perfect and Minute Care Cannot Wipe Off.
All your Journey Pleasure & Fragrance.

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