Lebanon Bologna & "Seven Sweets and Seven Sours" (1935)

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Sun Sep 29 21:15:30 UTC 2002

   There is a book titled: 3 MYTHS ABOUT THE PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH COUNTRY: HEX SIGNS, SEVEN SOURS AND SEVEN SWEETS, THE AMISH BLUE GATE (Lancaster, PA: Pennylvania Dutch Folk-lore Center, 1951) by Alfred Lewis Shoemaker.
   I don't know if an upcoming volume of DARE (which has not included "Lebanon bologna") will have "seven sweets and seven sours," but if it's going to cover Pennyslvania Dutch cookery, it has to.
   The earliest "seven sweets and seven sours" and "Lebanon bologna" to be found in New York Times full text are in the same sentence of the same article.
   From the NEW YORK TIMES, 9 June 1935, pg. XX9:

_A Wide Area of Easter Pennsylvania Still Remains a Foreign Section of America_
   Famous dishes of the region include scrapple, compounded of corn meal and liver, cup-cheese, a simple and delicious cheese from whey; Lebanon bologna, any number of relishes, the traditional "seven sweets and seven sours" which the old-fashioned hostess considered imperative for the table.

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