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Mon Sep 30 14:52:19 UTC 2002

   About two years ago, I discovered the note cards to Barry Buchanan's
unpublished ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD (circa 1939).  I went to
the Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh) and tried to pay for copies of
each note card.  Some boxes were not copied.
   It's in a pile here in this tiny studio apartment, incomplete, next to all
of my other worthless stuff of American speech, that I should throw out for
all the pain it's caused.  I can't find this word quickly, but I did find a
nice card for "soup and fish."  And maybe Fred "Computer Bug" Shapiro will
find this of interest:

Getting the bugs out  (MOTION PICTURE--PHOTOGRAPHY)
A slang expression which refers to the elimination, by cutting, of a word or
words, or several notes of music which repeat themselves, due to original
faulty cutting, developing or printing.

   Anyway, I've got a dental cleaning appointment now and have to leave!

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