final "oo" in Sicilian dialect

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Joanne D asked:

Another peculiarity of their speech that I haven't heard mentioned
here was the use of an "oo" sound for "o" in some instances. For
example, "nanno" (our word for "grandpa" -- not the standard Italian
"nonno") would be pronounced "NAHnoo."  Standard Italian "con"
("with") was pronounced "coo."  Did you hear anything like that,
Frank?  I can't clearly remember whether "capicollo" would have
been pronounced with a final "oo" sound, but it did definitely end
with a vowel.

I don't specifically recall anything like this, but it has been many years,
more than 30, since my Sicilian grandparents were alive.  And I never lived
with them, only visited on holidays and such.

So I can't speak to the final sound in the words noted, sorry.


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