final "oo" in Sicilian dialect

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Thanks for your response, Frank, and for your confirmation of my
suspicion, Steve.  I'd  actually begun to look up the Latin sources
for the Sicilian words in -u that I remember, and, so far, they all do
seem to go back to Latin u -- not only in the case of nouns (like
"culu" [standard It. culo, < L. culus], meaning "rear end," and also
used by my grandmother to name the end piece cut from a stick of
Italian bread), but also for verbs (like "mangiamu" [standard It.
"mangiamo," < L. mandimus], meaning "let's eat" (in Latin,
actually, "let's chew").

Does this mean that Tony Soprano speaks the wrong dialect of


On 5 Feb 2003, at 16:32, Frank Abate wrote:

> I don't specifically recall anything like this, but it has been many
> more than 30, since my Sicilian grandparents were alive.  And I
never lived
> with them, only visited on holidays and such.
> So I can't speak to the final sound in the words noted, sorry.
> Frank
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