Airline Slang; airline names

Mike Salovesh salovex at WPO.CSO.NIU.EDU
Mon Feb 24 07:21:43 UTC 2003

Steve Cornelius wrote:
> paulzjoh wrote:
>> At one time I used to know several nicknames for airlines
>> At present all I remember is:
>> SAS= Sex and Satisfaction
>> Perhaps the older fliers among us can remember more.
> I hadn't got that one, so thanks for adding one to my collection. From this
> list, I have deleted a few of, let us say, the more ribald. If you are not
> possessed of particularly delicate sensibilities, and want to know some
> fairly ripe initialisms for GARUDA (Indonesia), LUFTHANSA (Germany) and
> EAST-WEST (an Australian domestic airline, now defunct), please contact me
> off-list. If you think the QANTAS items below are a bit near the bone, you
> obviously don't live in Australia.
> Regards
> Steve Cornelius
> Sydney, Australia
> AIR NEW ZEALAND:   Aircraft In Repair, No Engine Working, Zany Engineers
> Are Late, And No Departures
> ALITALIA (Italian):   At Lengthy Intervals The Aircraft Loses Incredible
> Altitude
> BOAC (British, now defunct):   Blast Off And Crash
> BA (British Airways):   Bad Airline
> CAAC (Chinese):   China Airways Always Cancelled
> JAL (Japanese):   Japanese Always Late
> MAS (Malaysian):   Makes Asians Sick
> MIAT (Mongolian):   Maybe I'll Arrive Tomorrow
> OLYMPIC (Greek):   Onassis Likes Your Money Paid In Cash
> PAN-AM:   Pilots Are Not Allowed Mandies
> QANTAS:   Queens And Neurotic Tarts And Sluts
> QANTAS:   Queens And Nymphomaniacs Trained As Stewards
> QANTAS:   Quick And Nasty, Try Another Service
> SABENA (Belgian):   Such A Bloody Experience, Never Again
> TAA (Australian, now defunct):   Take Another Airline
> THAI:   The Hostesses Are Insane

Central America's TACA airline (Transportes Aereas de CentroAmerica) was
said to be an acronym for "Todos los A~os Cae un Avion": "Every year one
[of our] airplanes crashes". Old filksingers, however, were given to saying
that this airline was "all made of ticky-tacky".

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