Geographical euphemisms?

vida morkunas vidamorkunas at TELUS.NET
Fri Jan 3 03:53:03 UTC 2003

I know several people from Winnipeg (many of them move here because of our
balmy winters and cool summers) but I've never heard of a "Winnipeg
handshake".  Where did you hear this expression? Was it artistic license on
a radio/tv show, perhaps?

BTW, 'downloading' is commonly used in British Columbian ski resorts.

in Vancouver BC

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Until I saw "Winnipeg handshake" (getting one's face smashed with a
bottle) online tonight, I wasn't aware that this might form a general
class of expressions.  "Bronx cheer" seems a likely member, as does
"Sicilian necktie", and I suppose broader slanders like "Dutch courage"
might also qualify.

I'd be interested in hearing about variations on these, as well as other
such items you may know about.  And is there a name for this sort of


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