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Jake Stratton claims to have coined "edu-core."

I've pasted in a bit below. Sorry for the length. It seems that this
is a metal band that sings about Science Fiction and Fantasy and
throws paperback books into the audience. They play at a lot of

The Jake Stratton of BlöödHag Interview: Slightly Less Than Twenty
Rocking Questions

Why did you name the group "BlöödHag"? Is there a
Blood Hag?
No, there's no Blood Hag, at least as far as I know. It was a name I
chose off a list of bad band names that some friends of mine and I
had come up with long ago. I chose it for the band because I knew
that no one could possibly think that we were anything but Metal
after hearing the name. Not like
that terrible band Incubus. I was expecting Metal, you

Exactly how loud are you guys? Have you been measured in decibels?
Loud enough to be heard...a few blocks over. Never been measured.
People tell us that we're loud, and we've been louder than most of
the bands we've played with on tour, but it doesn't sound loud to me.

Tell us what Edu-Core is. Did you coin the term?
Yes, I coined the term as soon as we formed the band, seven years
ago. Although KRS-ONE coined the term "Edutainment" in reference to
his music, but we're different since I don't give a rat's ass if
you're entertained.

Edu-core is any music that has an educational message outside of the
standard realm of lyrical content, ie: sex, drugs, politics, social
issues, Satan, sex, How Awesome It Is To Rock, etc. Several bands are
Edu-Core bands whether they like it or not. We encourage new bands to
take the Edu-Core banner with other subjects (other than ours). Math,
science, the Crimean War, anything.

It's mainly just a term to self-pigeon-hole ourselves before some
rock critic does it for us. In the same vein as the other ridiculous
sub-genres of Metal and Punk...Posi-Core, Emo-Core, Straight-Edge,
what the hell ever.

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