Zadar greetings & Bling-Bling

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sat Jun 7 13:12:56 UTC 2003

   Greetings from Zadar, Croatia...Nets star Drazen Petrovic was one of the first foreign players in the NBA.  He died in a car crash a few years ago, and was recently added to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  He has a statue in Zagreb and I visit his home town tomorrow.
   The Pope blessed all the women of Croatia yesterday.  I don't know if this is good or bad for my chances.

BLING-BLING IN OED--This seems like old news, but it's on YAHOO! news today:

DOOFUS ANTEDATING--I'd posted that same citation in September 2002.

CAPTCHA--Word of the Day on Word Spy.  Grant Barrett posted it here last December.

WEDGE--I'd posted on this, also.

MLINCA--A Zagreb dish.  OED?
BASA--Cheese from Lika.
ISLAND PAG CHEESE--A famous cheese here, from Pag.
MASNICA--Shortbread, filled with onion, cheese, smoked ham or sweet cheese and raisins.  OED?
KISELINA--Sour milk.
BASA--Soft cheese made of skorup.

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