Virus mails yass67 at POPPY.OCN.NE.JP
Mon Jun 9 09:36:02 UTC 2003

Dear Linguists,

 I have received a mail regarding 'virus alert'.
 This is just an idea of blocking virus mails. I have no idea if all of you
can do the same and I'm sure some of you have been doing this.

 My provider called OCN of Japan gives us a service called  $B!F (BMail On $B!G (B.
First, I'd check emails through the Mail On website, get rid of potentially
dangerous ones, and then, open the Outlook Express. So far I have filtered
three 'virus' mails in a week.

 The provider said that even if I pay extra-200 yen (2 US dollars, 1 UK
pound) per month for regular virus checks, they cannot cope with all
viruses, especially new ones. So this may be less expensive at least.

 Good luck!


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