Monkeypox; Beer Shake; Switched Egg

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon Jun 9 10:56:37 UTC 2003

   Greetings again from Split, which I leave in a few minutes.

MONKEYPOX--The first outbreak of this pox occurred in the U.S. and has made news.  Is it in the revised OED?

BEER SHAKE--Frappe alla birra (beer shake) is seen on a menu here.


PANCAKES WITH SWITCHED EGG--Why switched?  Is it cooked by the same guy who switched the Folger's coffee?

ZAGORJE SOUP--mushrooms, potatoes, sour cream, spices.

COLBERT SOUP--vegetables, poached egg.

SEA WOLF--Bass.  Seen all over.


PASTIZADA--Dalmatian Style Marinated Beef.  (Also seen as Pasticada.)

PROSEK--Dessert wine.

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