Croatian Cuisine (1995)

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   I have only a few minutes in old Dubrovnik before my bus leaves for our hotel, where I go swimming with all the topless women.  Etymology is hard work.

191 pages, hardcover
Zagreb: Golden Marketing

   A lot of recipes, with some nice historical notes on them.

Pg. 10:  Satrica
Pg. 22:  Zagorjie platter
Pg. 24:  Podravina platter
Pg. 34:  Strukli soup
Pg. 42:  Sataras (There's a note on Dalmatian salsa--ed.)
Pg. 66:  Istrian yota (stew)
Pg. 70:  Stuffed sauerkraut (Sarmas)
Pg. 112:  Turkey with mlinci (OED?--ed.)
Pg. 156:  Scampi or shellfish buzara
As much as it almost primevally simple to prepare, so is buzara an etymological mystery.  Despite exhaustive research, no similar word can be found in any affiliated language, nor in the languages of our geographical neighbours.

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