Blue Ice (1990)

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   Greetings from New York City.
   "Blue ice" is not in the HISTORICAL DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN SLANG or in the 
CASSELL DICTIONARY OF SLANG.  It's in today's Yahoo! News.  Don't blame me; I 
didn't do nothin' on that airplane.
Calif. Man Wins Airplane Toilet Ice Suit 
Sun Jun 15, 7:34 PM ET
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - A Santa Cruz man won a suit against American Airlines 
alleging that one of the company's planes released two chunks of toilet waste, 
known euphemistically as "blue ice," onto the skylight his boat. 
After the chunks came crashing down and damaged his boat, Ray Erickson 
tracked down the plane — American Airlines Flight 1950 — and sued in small claims 
court. He receive'd the court's ruling in the mail Friday. A judge ordered the 
airline to pay him $3,236 - almost the entire amount Erickson had sought. 
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In article <2453 at>, mfeldman at (Michael Feldman) 
writes...>Heritage cars also have retention tanks; the only cars that don't, I 
guess,>are the cattle cars Amtrak leases from the commuter lines in peak 
periods.I think there may be some early generation amfleet stock that is"straight 
thru"....(whooops, lost attribute...dwp)>>How do they plan to solve the problem, 
or how will they solve it?Toilets figure in RGI ads on occaision.  At least 
one company makeswhat they call an "incinolet", which presumably crispy critters 
the "effluent"to a nice, inconspicuous ash.  Another proclaims "uprocessor 
controlled" toilet.(called the microvac.)...>I have heard tales of airliners 
dropping cakes of blue ice into the sky.>Who knows where they land? I wouldn't 
wanna be underneath...
Within the last week or so, someone was hit on the head by a chunk of"airline 
waste water".  This is NOT urban legend, though it has now become so,as i 
didnt save the story...thanks dave pierson   |the facts, as accurately as i can 
manage, Digital Equipment Corporation |the opinions, my own.600 Nickerson 
RdMarlboro, Mass01752    pierson at"
He has read everything, and, to his credit, written nothing."  A J Raffles
(Now I understand the lyrics to the song "My Blue Heaven"--ed.)

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