London TIMES text to 1861; Gin-and-Tonic (1914)

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Tue Jun 17 00:03:48 UTC 2003

   One database that has improved is the TIMES OF LONDON.  Full text is now available to 1861.  It previously had been to 1915. Later this year, it will go all the way to 1785...I'll search any request.
   The bad news is that the TIMES OF LONDON really wasn't a great newspaper.  There's not a single "fish and chips" before about 1920.

 Thoughts On Drinks. Geographical Affinities In Liquors., Savage Beverages And Civilized. (News)
      The Times Monday, Jun 08, 1914; pg. 13; Issue 40544; col F
("Many Britons, it is to be feared, find their graves many years before they need because they insist on carrying their British habits to the tropics, but roughly it may be said that shandygaff ceases to be tolerable within the gin-and-tonic degrees of latitude.")

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