Trudgill in Vocabula

Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OHIOU.EDU
Tue Jun 17 17:32:55 UTC 2003

Well, now, this is interesting.  I wrote the following quoted note to Mr.
Fiske privately, not to the list, yet he makes it public.  I don't really
mind, though, since he raises an issue of concern to all
academics.  Apparently we must now tell our hundreds of students each year
that they cannot copy scholarly articles (or any other kind) for their own
use unless they write to the publishers first and wait for their
reply?  And when I copy and distribute an article from the New York Times
or my own small town newspaper, I'm also to write for permission
first??  His (private) reply to me suggests that this is indeed the law,
and that I must surely be aware of it.  However, our university library and
the local commercial copy centers tell us such personal use copying is
legal, and surely my fellow academics all over the country are under the
same impression.

Finally, on ad hominem attacks, how about this one:  "Ms Flanigan is
apparently in the habit of flouting copyright laws."

And then he asks me (again, privately) to snitch on the colleague who sent
me the piece?!?

At 07:28 AM 6/17/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>The copyright to your piece in Vocabula is indeed yours, and you do have the
>right to send the article to others. But no one has the right to copy the
>piece from my site and email it to others without my permission. I trust you
>Ms Flanigan is apparently in the habit of flouting copyright laws:
>"So, if a subscriber to a journal makes a copy and sends it on to someone
>else (let's say, by snail mail), that's a copyright infringement?  How
>about the
>millions of people who copy articles from libraries??  I guess I'll have to
>tell my students to stop xeroxing from journals!"
>I'm not sure that she should be encouraged.
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