New Software Helps Leverage the Paradigm

Geoff Nathan an6993 at WAYNE.EDU
Wed Jun 18 12:55:24 UTC 2003

At 08:09 AM 6/18/2003 -0400, Drew Danielson wrote:
>New York-based Deloitte Consulting admits it helped foster confusing,
>indecipherable words like "synergy," "paradigm," and "extensible
>repository," but now it has decided enough is enough. On Tuesday it will
>release "Bullfighter" to help writers of business documents to avoid
>jargon and use clear language.

A propos of those who permit ignorance to 'debase' our language, it is
astounding, first, that Deloitte could claim to foster words that are older
than the company itself ('paradigm' in its current meaning stems at least
from the early 1960's) and second that it could claim that the words are
'indecipherable' .  For example, the article refers to words such as
'bandwidth' and 'leverage', which are well-defined technical terms in
fields the authors are apparently ignorant of.  Or perhaps they object to
metaphorical extension of these words to other domains.  It is true that
many people (myself included) don't completely understand what the verb
'leverage' means, but I consider this a fault in myself of not
understanding finance, not the use of unclear language.


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