Dog Sausage (1868); Smithfield Ham (1867)

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   I'm going through the online WRIGHT AMERICAN FICTION, 1851-1875.

Title:  Nonsense, or, Hits and Criticisms on the Follies of the Day (1868)
Author: Pomeroy, Marcus Mills, (1833-1896)
Print Source:   Nonsense, or, Hits and criticisms on the follies of the day
Pomeroy, Marcus Mills,
New York : G.W. Carleton, 1868.
Extent: 274 p.
Pages with Hits
<A HREF=";cc=wright2;sid=a481378e7be593ea003e2866d45221b5;q1=dog%20sausage%2A;idno=Wright2-1921;view=image;seq=0099">Page 188-189</A> 1 match of "dog sausage*"
Pg. 188:  The city of New York, or the settlement of ungodliness, differs a
whole mess from the oil region. (...)  Eat dog sausage and benevolent hash at
railroad eating houses;...


   I had posted 1888 and 1892.

Title:  Thorn-fruit (1867)
Author: Lanier, Clifford Anderson, (1844-1908)
Print Source:   Thorn-fruit
Lanier, Clifford Anderson,
New York : Blelock, 1867.
Extent: 116 p.
Pages with Hits
<A HREF=";cc=wright2;sid=a481378e7be593ea003e2866d45221b5;q1=smithfield%20ham%2A;idno=Wright2-1506;view=image;seq=0025">Page 48-49</A> 1 match of "smithfield ham*"
Pg. 48:  An _abatis_ of biscuit and broiled chicken was quickly thrown down;
through a moat of brandy, and up over huge breastworks of Smithfield ham and
light bread, they clambered, unfaltering, undaunted, and unbroken.

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