"Is that ..." and stutterers

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Sun Jun 22 14:47:33 UTC 2003

In a message dated 6/20/03 6:51:10 PM, fitzke at MICHCOM.NET writes:

> Many years ago I had a family doctor who started most of his sentences,
> "It's that....". I  subsequently learned he had a pronounced stutter and was
> somehow better able to control it by starting sentences this way. Perhaps
> the gentleman who starts his sentences with "Is..." may have some reason for
> doing so other than it being simply idiosyncratic.
> Bob

An interesting suggestion, and worth thinking about. I wonder if all of the 
people Arnold Zwicky reported on could also be stutterers who learned this 
technique as a way of overecoming their problem?

My broker shows no sign of being a stutterer, however. And he doesn't start 
with "It is that," just "Is that."

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