International Women's Periodicals (1889 Vassar fudge?)

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Thu Jun 26 04:15:33 UTC 2003

   Cornell has several databases besides MAKING OF AMERICA..  They've
improved in the past year, but I still don't find them a fraction as useful as MOA.
   The "fudge" in the last, new database below is haunting me now.

HOME ECONOMICS ARCHIVES--Sounds great, but the large home economics cookbooks
of the 19th century aren't here.


THE NEH AGRICULTURAL COLLECTION--I found these databases dry and overly
technical and not too helpful for the American cuisine, but you can try them.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S PERIODICALS--This contains some periodicals (NEW
ENGLAND KITCHEN) that I already looked through.  Unfortunately, only the Cornell
community has full text access, but the search buttons work unrestricted.  I
tried "Vassar" and "fudge" and "chocolate" and "cook" and got this 1889 citation
that I'll check soon:
   True and Company, <A HREF="">Daughters of America, Volume 3, Issue 9, September, 1889</A>

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