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To the best of my recollection, "bucket" has always been the first choice
and "pail" a possible second choice (except in the case of "lunch pail")
everywhere I've lived.   But I clearly remember "crick" as one of the
things that struck me about the speech of my rural Oregon relatives when we
moved there from So. California in the early 50s.

Peter Mc.

--On Friday, March 7, 2003 9:37 AM -0800 Anne Gilbert
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> Allen:
>> Thank heavens I grew up in Oregon. For me, "creek" and "bucket" are
>> normal and "crick" and "pail" are not. I would probably STILL be in 3rd
>> grade ...
> While "bucket" and "creek" are more usual(nowadays, at least), in My Fair
> State of Washington, I've actually *heard* "pail" and "crick" -- more
> often in my childhood than now.  My father used to refer to a given
> "crick" all the time.  He was born in Missouri, and my grandfather spent
> much of his growing-up life in Missouri, so that's probably where the
> "crick" came from. But my father was an educated "professional", so I'm
> kind of puzzled as to where this kind of "linguistic discrimination" is
> coming from.
> Anne g

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