Sour Cream (1797, 1828, 1831, 1843, 1844, 1846)

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   OED and Merriam-Webster both have 1855 for "sour cream," from E. Acton's MODERN COOKERY (rev. ed.).

   This is from the American Periodical Series:

   February 1829, THE CASKET, pg. 69 (I have cited this before, and it's taken from a London publication of 1828--ed.):
   But apropos of _vereniky_!  It is a dish of which many are very fond, made of a thin paste of buck-wheat flour, not baked, having fresh cream-cheese inside, melted butter thrown over it, and eaten with sour cream.

   17 September 1831, ATKINSON'S SATURDAY EVENING POST, pg. 4:
   The odour and taste of the milk are like those of our sour cream.

   This is from Literature Online:

1. Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851 [Author Record]
Ned Myers; or, A Life before the Mast (1843) 621Kb
Ned Myers; or, A Life before the Mast 618Kb
Found 1 hit:
Main text 585Kb
...hold of a vessel of [H] sour cream, and came near hallooing...

2. Robinson, Mary, 1758-1800 [Author Record]
Walsingham (1797) 1308Kb
Walsingham; or The Pupil of Nature. A Domestic Story. By Mary Robinson, Author of Angelina--- Hubert De Sevrac--- ... In Four Volumes. 1307Kb
Found 1 hit:
VOL. II. 308Kb
...or to scatter abroad the [H] sour cream of envy and malevolence:...

   This is from the BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE:

   3 May 1844, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 2: was bread and sour cream...

   12 June 1846, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 2:
   At all events it is no worse than to talk of the "twang," (a sharp sudden note,) of "a bowl of sour cream"! as the _Tribune_ does in the paragraph immediately before that about our banquet.

   This is from the Gerritsen Collection:

 1.     Beecher, Catharine Esther, [Full Citation] [Page Image]
Miss Beecher's domestic receipt book : designed as a supplement to her treatise on domestic economy.
New York: Harper, 1846, 307 pgs.
Designed as a supplement to her book on domestic economy [Gerritsen no A198.7], these recipes were offered because of their ease, simplicity, nutritional value, and economy.
(Pg. 128:  Still better crusts are made of sour cream sweetened with saleratus.)

2. Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell, [Full Citation] [Page Image]
The good housekeeper : or, The way to live well, and to be well while we live : containing directions for choosing and preparing food in regard to health, economy, and taste
Boston: Otis, Broaders, 1844, 1839, 145 pgs.
The editor of Godey's Lady's Book writes on the nutritional value of foods.
(Pg. 97:  ...two large table-spoonfuls of sour cream...)

   This is from North American Women's Letters and Diaries:

Koren, Else Elisabeth Hysing. "Diary of Else Elisabeth Koren, December, 1853" [ Note]

Luther College, 1863-64, and died in the Civil War; information from William Linnevold; see also Gisle Bothne, Det norske Luther College, 1861-1897, 360 (Decorah, 1897). 6 Flødegrød is a dish made by slowly cooking thick sour cream, to which flour and milk are added. It may be served with sugar and cinnamon or with raspberry juice. 7 Ingebret (Embret) Gulbrandson Sørland (1824-1901) settled on Section 1, Springfield Township, Winneshiek County, in 1851. He

Results Bibliography
Koren, Else Elisabeth Hysing, 1832-1918, Diary of Else Elisabeth Koren, December, 1853, in The Diary of Elisabeth Koren 1853-1855. Nelson, David T.. Northfield, MN: Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1955, pp. 381. [Bibliographic Details] [Biography] [12-1-1853] S288-D005

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