Bra Burning (1968)

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Didn't Bobby Riggs bring a pig to the match, or was he given a pig by Billie Jean?

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        Oh, I misunderstood your earlier comment.  So did sixties and seventies feminists really talk about male chauvinist pigs, or was that as rare as literal bra-burnings?

John Baker

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>         Wasn't "chauvinist" always a derisive term, whether or not
> accompanied by "pig" (or, for that matter, by "male")?

"Chauvinist" always represented derision of the alleged chauvinist by the
speaker.  In the media ridicule of the women's movement, however, the term
"male chauvinist pig" was put into the mouth of the stereotypical radical
feminist as part of the ridicule of the alleged speaker.

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